Week 8 Comments and Feedback

1. Feedback in. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are receiving from other students in the class? What kinds of comments are you finding to be the most useful? 
Sometimes I really appreciate the feedback I am receiving and sometimes I am left wondering if they read the story ar all. Most useful comments to me are when people have questions or relate well to my writing.

2. Feedback out. Similarly, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are leaving for other students? Have you found some good strategies that help you give detailed feedback? Are you getting some good ideas for your own writing as you analyze other people's writing?
I have taken many approaches that I've stolen from other blogs and past blogs and I've let those people know. It's great to see what others are doing in comparison.

3. Blog comments. Do you have a sense of getting to know people by connecting with them at their blogs? Are you happy with how your Introduction post and how your blog, in general, provides a space where people can get to know you?
Yes, I am very happy with it. I think it shows me in a vulnerable light. You can tell as a reader when going through someone's intro if they've been vulnerable too and that's nice to see. 

4. Looking forward. What do you want/need to do differently to make the feedback assignments more useful for others and/or more useful for you? Do you want to make any changes to your Comment Wall and/or your Introduction?
I am getting a lot of the same people from the randomizer so maybe doing the myth class intro would be fun? My ca=omment wall and intro I think are fine as is


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