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Reading Notes: Part A and B

Hanuman's Matron: Sita
PDE Sita

The meeting between Rama and Sita is by far my favorite in part A of the Ramayana. It is so poetic and so beautiful their encounter. She is walking in the garden and see's him and is astonished. He only hears the jingle of bells at her ankles and the sound is music to his ears and instantly he knows she's the one. He looks up and his eyes confirm what his ears already know to be true. By far my favorite lines out of the entire piece:

'At that instant, Rama heard the jingle of the bangles on the lady Sita's feet, and he said, "I know of a surety that there comes hither a lady whom I shall love beyond all things else in the world." Lifting his eyes he saw Sita, the king's daughter, and they loved each other then and forever.'

Sita then goes to pray to the goddess Bhavani who reaffirms the strong pulls of her heart. Rama then mentions Sita's beauty higher than the queen of night. It's an absolutely beautiful and p…

Feedback thoughts

Silence the Critical Voices in Your Head
Critical voices
This article stresses the importance of rewiring your brain to see the positives and hear them. I sold books door to door with Southwestern Advantage for 5 summers. I worked 14hrs/day, 6 days/week and let me tell you the rejection after my first summer didn't phase me. What phased me was my own critical thoughts, the voice inside my head! At SWA we called him "Mr. Mediocrity" and the only way to beat him was to use positive self-talk, constantly reaffirming yourself. Just like the article talks about focusing on the positive! It's so incredibly important! loved this article.

Make Good Art: Neil Gaiman’s Advice on the Creative Life
Good Art
This was such a beautiful article and speech. I love how Gaimann is completely blunt about his own experience and the perception these college graduates should have walking out into the world. He wants everyone to know nothing so that anything is possible. You have no limits wh…

Topic Brainstorm

PDE Hanuman and the Mountain
Hanuman is an easy first choice for me. From day one when Hanuman and I met in a rap video about him on Laura's blog, I've been hooked. He's witty and kind, very loyal and always does what's right. He's the man to beat but no one ever can. I've already written a retelling of Hanuman and the mountain and done some research soI am already enjoying him and his narratives.

Next on my list would be Surasa and she's mostly on here because of her epic fight with Hanuman. She comes initially on his quest to save Sita and test his strength, physical and mental. Apparently, this test is defined by her trying to eat him... It's a funny tale with hidden meanings and reasons for it all. I think doing a little background research on Surasa would also help make more sense of it.

I've also looked into Suvannamaccha because she also relates to Hanuman in her own fun way. She is a mermaid princess who attempts to stop o…

Week 2 Story: The Cunning Pelican

On their quest to find Marlin's son, Nemo, he and Dory get caught up in a terrible storm. The waves are so high and powerful that they are washed ashore into a tiny pool with a handful of others. As the days pass they haven't the thought of how they will escape the ever so evaporating pool. Just when all hope seems lost a pelican flies by. He notices all the captured fish and thinks to himself to make a quick meal. "I'll trick them. I'll offer a free ride back into the ocean but the only place they'll be riding free to is my stomach."

He flies down and says "Oh no dear friends you've been washed ashore into this pool. I can help you. Swim into my beak and I will transport you back into the ocean." Dory gleefully replies "Oh, that sounds so great I'm so over this pool, maybe we can take the scenic route I've always wanted to see the great state of Oklahoma from the sky. The musical made it sound so nice."

Marlin confused rep…

Week 2 Reading Overview

I decided to go with the Public Domain version of the Ramayana. I chose this because I enjoy reading stories that come told by different authors. For example, Rick Riordan does a great job making each of the chapters in his works sound as if it's an entirely different person altogether. I'm hoping it will be similar to that. I also like the audio capability of the anthology so I can listen along with the text. Lastly, any penny I can save is beneficial as I am a completely self-funded college student.

The first comic I chose was Bheema and Hanuman: The Sons of Vayu, The Wind God. The reason for this was because I watched the Hanuman rap and got very interested in him and his role in Indian myth. So I actually searched for a comic on him and found one that also talks about his brother. I am excited to dive into the backstory.

Rama's coronation with the attendance of the faithful Hanuman

I also chose Prabhavati: The Asura Princess. The summary stole my attention immediately, …

Time Strategies!

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that make excuses and those that find a way.

Easily one of my favorite quotes that I learned while with Southwestern Advantage. It resonated again with me while reading The Myth of being too busy. The author is correct in everything he says. One prioritizes time for what they truly want. I love tieing this to the above quote because you'll see the difference in the results of the two types of people and it will spill over into all aspects of their lives.

The second article that resonated with me was The Habit of just Starting. I recently read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it was so insightful. Habits are in control of 80%+ of our lives so this article is so powerful because if we build the habit of just starting we can do anything and all things are accomplishable.

Love the formula they give for motivation and if anyone else loved this out definitely read POH by Duhigg.
(formula for motivation)

Technology as it relates to Epics

Most of what was covered I knew, including how to manipulate the images but every blog is different and I'm more versed in Tumblr blogging. A few things were definitely very helpful. As someone who is well versed in google chrome and it's many tools I did not know about word count or the enhanced spell checker. Those two alone made me incredibly excited to get back into the settings and extensions lists.

All you need is google

Assignments as it relates to HEART

One thing that caught my eye were the various extra credit options. I love the idea of being able to put in more work which in turn makes us better thinkers and writers while obtaining points we may have missed because of our original lack of skill. This is a very fun circle when it comes to this class. The one in particular that caught my attention is H.E.A.R.T. I am always looking to better myself and those resources I feel are a great way to spend time expanding and integrating what I may or may not already know. Very seldom do I get excited about extra work but this extra credit sounds like more of an investment than work. Thanks, Laura!

Betterment quote

A firm believer in a Growth mindset

I thought I'd share more about myself in connection to my "introduction to 24" blog post as they connect very well.

Let me start out by saying I am a firm believer in having a growth mindset. My parents have always told me that one cannot grow inside their comfort zones. I said great I am moving to Texas for school, a place I've never been, with zero family members. They didn't see that one coming. During my freshman year of Baylor, I decided to partake in the hardest and oldest internship in the nation with Southwestern Advantage. Students in the program relocate to another part of the country where they've never been. They learn how to run their own business going door to door selling educational books apps, and websites to families. Students work 13-14 hours/day, 6 days/week. Students typically sit down with 30 families a day where out of the 30 only 2-3 will buy something. It is a grueling program, where it tests and heightens your EQ every day. Persevera…

Introduction to 24

Well, my name is David Czovek and I am 24. You're probably thinking "that's a tad old for an undergrad" and you'd be right but that's what makes this all the more fun. I am from a city in Connecticut called Bristol and graduated in the spring of 2014 from Bristol Central high school. On a normal track, I should've finished my undergrad in the spring of 2018. While in high school, I applied to 8 schools and got into all of them. I decided upon Baylor University. I had never been to Texas and was excited to get away from home and go somewhere warmer. I enrolled as a General Engineering major and by the end of my freshman year, I realized it was not for me. Typical freshman who didn't know and was trying different things. I did a business internship which I loved so I thought maybe become a business student. One semester later and... yep, you guessed it business was also not for me. I went to my counselor and she had me take tests to figure out what care…

Story Book Favorites

Keeping Up with Parvati

I thought that "Keeping up with Parvati" was such a cute take on this goddess. Making her completely relatable to our generation and how we go about viewing people who have a heightened status is truly comical. I love that is it told from a first-person perspective so obviously, it will be one-sided which makes it all the more fun.  The reader gets to decide to either love or hate Parvati and whichever is achieved allows the author to know that they did a fantastic job with characterization. This one by far was my favorite. I wanted to keep reading to see what happened next, all the drama that was to unfold.

(Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesha)
Gods and Goddesses of India
I am not well versed in the Hindu gods and goddesses. I've enjoyed my fair share of Greek, Roman, Norse, and even Egyptian myth so I was excited to dive into the world of Hindu deities. I think it was very smart of this person to choose three tales to center on out of the twenty or so the…

Where blue skies meet teal waters... my favorite place.

(There's no misnomer here: Clearwater Beach FL.)

 My family lives in Land O' Lakes Florida and one of my favorite beaches is Clearwater Beach. Clearwater is not just a place for you and me to enjoy, local animals: birds, fish, and turtles also call these beautiful teal waters home.

(Clearwater shoreline)
(Royal crane taking a dip)

The sand is so white that it reflects most light from the sun making it cool enough to enjoy walking on and laying in. Relaxing on a beach like this is more than doable. (Clearwater beach sand dunes)

Next time you're in Clearwater look out for me and if you have trouble spotting me here is a picture of me so you know what to look for... 
(Pineapple Clearwater Beach sand)

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