Week 9: Reading

I decided to do the videos for my reading this week. I really enjoy getting a visual representation of what I am reading so this is great. The Mahabharata: Karmic Revolution brings the stories of the Mahabharata to life in a great way.

They describe it as "an account of how karma functions" so we learn how everything before shapes what comes after and vice versa. It starts off as it should with the Gangan river Goddess and the king and the eight sons she kills. 16 years later a young man had tamed the river and Ganga appeared to the king to let him know that that young man is his son. The King falls in love with a woman who will not marry him because her sons cannot gain the throne. The prince sees his father's despair and gives up his birthright to the throne. She gave birth to two sons who ruled in succession one after the other, the first dying in battle and the second helped by Bhishma (Devavrata) made regent.

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