Week 8 Reading and Writing

Overall, how well are the reading and writing assignments working for you?
I believe they are going well so far. I will say I am sooo happy I decided to do a storybook instead of a portfolio. It is so much more fun and creative definitely the highlight of the semester.

Are you happy with your blog? With your project website?
My blog is decent but my real joy is my website and storybook. I find it so liberating than your normal writing composition classes. It's nice to let creative juices flow and a whole lot more fun.

Are you satisfied with how the writing is going for your project? How about your story posts?
I was very pleased with my introduction but I think I am going to do a hard edit on my Suraasa story, it just doesn't sit perfectly right with me yet. But I know in the end it will all flow as it should.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment(s) in your writing for this class? 
I'd say the biggest accomplishment so far has been getting better at grammar and growing creatively. I am glad this class gives us an outlet to flex our creative muscles.

What has been your favorite reading so far?
Definitely anything and everything about Hanuman! I also love reading when others write about my favorite guy, like Laura: Great Hanuman Stories

Are your reading notes helping you each week with your story post? 
Very much so. I am able to take key themes, plots, and people and turn them into stories of my own. The notes are almost like a skeleton for me while writing.

I love this image for many reasons. I believe this image portrays Hanuman in his sincerest form; someone who wholeheartedly wants nothing but goodwill for Rama and Sita and wants nothing but to help them in any way he can. In this image, Hanuman finally reaches Sita in the Ashok Vatika, a garden in Lanka, and he's there to rescue her. Hanuman is so respectful os Sita's wishes he returns to Rama empty-handed and relays the message that Sita wants Rama to come for. So all that work for nothing I'd be upset but Hanuman is grateful for even the opportunity.

Looking forward I am excited about how my Storybook project is unfolding. I also need to get on the extra credit bandwagon and not procrastinate assignments. So lots of areas for improvement!


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