Week 10: Krishna Reading Part A

The Earth is riddled with demons and begs the Deva for help who goes to Vishnu to plead her case. He agrees to be reborn twice: once as the serpent Shesha and second as Krishna to slay Kansa and the other demons. Kansa on his cousin Devaki's wedding day hears a voice from above that states that Devaki's eighth child will be his demise. After a sage drops by echoing his concerns he slays all the children and locks his cousin up. Vishnu is reborn to them in jail and Krishna and they escape with his help.

Krishna and Balarama grew up feeding the cattle and wrestling and playing with the other village kids. Kansa learns of his whereabouts and sends a cattle calf demon to kill him but Krishna slays the cow. Then Kansa sent the brothers of Putana to slay Krishna. One in the form of a crane and the other in the form of a snake. They both met similar ends. He spared the sea serpent and it returned o the sea.

He frees Devaki and his wife then his imprisoned King father. Then recants the story of the curse.

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