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Hanuman and I Appreciate the Feedback!


  1. Howdy howdy, I had not realized that islands were previously winged behemoths, so this is already an interesting project. I am curious to learn more as this semester goes along, so you absolutely have at least one repeat reader. I appreciate you putting links to your sources, I’ll likely return to those soon and read through them more closely. It’s a very bold play having your introduction be purely a foundation poem; I feel like that does establish the reader in the world of the project and provide them with background information, but it’s fun in that it isn’t purely explanatory. You’re leaving us with work to do as the project continues and that’s really exciting. It’s always good having more explanation and exposition of background characters, and I’ve been seeing more and more people discuss Hanuman – which is very exciting as he’s easily my favorite character we’ve read about this semester. Best of luck!

  2. Hi David,
    I like how your project starts out and gets straight to the point about Hanuman. He was a very interesting character in the Ramayana so this concept of telling his story is super intriguing to me. I think your title already is a strong start that draws people in to want to know what your project is about and to find out if Hanuman is actually a monkey god or a loyal chimp. The background of Hanuman is very helpful, especially since some people might not know who he is or what he did. I commend you for being able to translate the poem into more layman's words. In your introduction, it might be helpful to explain what the poem is supposed to explain. I would put the explanation under the translation so just in case someone did not quite understand the background they still are able to continue reading your project when you actually start posting stories. Overall, I think your project is going to be really good and I can't wait to continue to read more about Hanuman's story from your words!

  3. David,

    I want to start off by saying that the background information you gave us about Hanuman is really helpful for understanding him as a character. Obviously from the Ramayana we know he's a monkey and can jump really far, but you going into his background and explaining how that came to be is really cool. I really appreciate the fact you took the time to write a poem instead of the usual story. It refreshing! Was the poem adapted from anything, or is it completely original? I'm not sure if there is supposed to be author information or not, that's why i'm asking. I like how you are using your project as a first person view from Hanuman. Most of the material that I have read so far, whether required reading or classmate's stories, are in third person. I think that, overall, your project is going to be an interesting one, and you have started it off in a great way.



  4. Hey David,
    I really liked your title and overall set up of your site. A good technique for setting up a site and coming up with stories and introductions is having a good title to gather an audience, and I feel like you did a good job! You also followed up your title with a brief description, which I enjoyed. I feel like it added to helping me understand what your site was all about. The introduction itself really caught my attention as you wrote it very poetically. Most introductions are very prosaic, and I really like you strayed away from that and wrote it the way you did. I also really enjoyed reading it because of your syntax, or sentence structure. Overall, and job well done.

  5. Hi David!
    As far as formatting goes, I would first recommend to make it clear or bigger where your comment wall link is, as it took me a second to figure out where link to click was located on your home page. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was just my non tech-savvy self being lost as usual. I love how you actually insert yourself as a character in this storybook, who has a relationship or interaction between the main epic character highlighted. I love how you wrote this introduction in a prose, poem sort of format. If you use this poem type of structure for further stories, I would recommend adding an introduction statement or paragraph that leads into it. In the future with these poems, you could even add some sort of rhythm or rhyming aspect which would make it even more unique. Although it was a little more abstract than other projects I have read, I think this is absolutely beautiful. Fantastic work!

  6. Hey David, So during my time reading the Ramayana, I kind of got annoyed with Hanuman. It was only because I was so annoyed with Rama for taking so long to get to Sita. Hanuman is a story that I really didn’t get into. Which means I am more than willing to give the monkey man another chance. It seems that you are really into his side of the story. Changing the perspective is one of my favorite elements of storytelling. It is really cool seeing his statue on your website because it makes me feel more personalized with his story. He really had a big chunk of time in the Ramayana so I'm sure you have plenty of content to work with. I think you did an excellent job with the poetry or verse side of the story. I have found it the most challenging. But I think yours was pretty good! Keep it up!

  7. Hi David,

    I love that you called Surasa's boogers celestial goo. I chuckled at that. There seems to be a lot more snot related incidences in Indian mythology than in Greco/Roman mythology. I like the setup of your site, and that you are making Hanuman the author and keeping his voice in the Author's Note. I'm interested in hearing and explanation on why Hanuman needs David's help. The original authors of the epics we read wrote themselves into the story. How could you write yourself into Hanuman's story? Did you find a magic scroll and now you're sharing Hanuman's story with English speakers? Were you sucked into a time vortex and you've pledged yourself to be Hanuman's historian until you've found your way home? The narrative voice you are using is jovial and easy to engage with. I suggest reading through your story one sentence at a time and making sure that each sentence makes sense. If the sentence doesn't make sense, ask yourself if it is the sentence itself that needs to be clarified, or is it the sentence addressing something that hasn't been clarified in the story yet.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this project grows!


  8. Hey! So I just got through going through your website and I wanted to say that your design is very nice! I like how you were able to add a picture by the navigation bar. I don’t know how you did that but it came out great! Looking at the context of the pages, I really enjoyed the poetry that you led off with in the introduction. I have always appreciated the fine work of poetry in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. I think your introduction from Vesuvio was really interesting. I think the rhythm was the best part. It was equal parts fast and slow and really allow for the words to flow naturally. Great start so far! Keep it up!


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