Week 10: Krishna Reading Part B

Krishna shares food with his friends and Brahma takes notice and tests his divinity stealing their cows. Then Brahma kidnaps his friends so Krishna recreates them all and the cows out of himself.

Krishna's brother Balram wants to punch Hastin the bull to death. Krishna says he will ride the bull instead and played the flute for Hastin every night while feeding him. Then he had become docile and he rode Hastin under the full moon.

Krishna and Balram made friends with people of the city in Mathura. Trivakra came to them with three deformities looking for healing. Krishna hugged the woman and when he let go she had been fully healed. Kansa heard of this and was infuriated.

The death of Kansa saw peace in Mathura. Krishna and Balram restored order throughout the city.
 They freed the jailed king father of Kansa Ugrasen. He released his parents as well and they wept joyously. Ugrasen was restored to power.
Trivakra approaches Krishna and Balram

Week 9 Story: Diary: River flows in Me

Diary: River flows in Me
March 3rd, 5565BC Dear Diary, 

Today another group of pilgrims came. They were dispersing the ashes of their loved ones in my river. My heart is heavy and full all at the same time for those who lose loved ones before the proper time. I blessed them for paying their respects to their loved ones so that they may reach moksha.

- Ganga
March 12th, 5565BC
Dear Diary, 

Today I was blessing travelers and animals as they came to my river to rest and drink when up in the sky I saw eight vasus' crying and flailing about. They came to me and said, "We have been cursed oh goddess, one year from today when the sun rises we will be born one by one as humans to live out humans' lives with no recollection of our divinity." Their story shocked me so I agreed to help. I told them that I would have them and upon their birth, I shall destroy their human bodies …

Week 10: Krishna Reading Part A

The Earth is riddled with demons and begs the Deva for help who goes to Vishnu to plead her case. He agrees to be reborn twice: once as the serpent Shesha and second as Krishna to slay Kansa and the other demons. Kansa on his cousin Devaki's wedding day hears a voice from above that states that Devaki's eighth child will be his demise. After a sage drops by echoing his concerns he slays all the children and locks his cousin up. Vishnu is reborn to them in jail and Krishna and they escape with his help.

Krishna and Balarama grew up feeding the cattle and wrestling and playing with the other village kids. Kansa learns of his whereabouts and sends a cattle calf demon to kill him but Krishna slays the cow. Then Kansa sent the brothers of Putana to slay Krishna. One in the form of a crane and the other in the form of a snake. They both met similar ends. He spared the sea serpent and it returned o the sea.

He frees Devaki and his wife then his imprisoned King father. Then recants t…

Week 9: Reading

I decided to do the videos for my reading this week. I really enjoy getting a visual representation of what I am reading so this is great. The Mahabharata: Karmic Revolution brings the stories of the Mahabharata to life in a great way.

They describe it as "an account of how karma functions" so we learn how everything before shapes what comes after and vice versa. It starts off as it should with the Gangan river Goddess and the king and the eight sons she kills. 16 years later a young man had tamed the river and Ganga appeared to the king to let him know that that young man is his son. The King falls in love with a woman who will not marry him because her sons cannot gain the throne. The prince sees his father's despair and gives up his birthright to the throne. She gave birth to two sons who ruled in succession one after the other, the first dying in battle and the second helped by Bhishma (Devavrata) made regent.

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

1. Feedback in. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are receiving from other students in the class? What kinds of comments are you finding to be the most useful?  Sometimes I really appreciate the feedback I am receiving and sometimes I am left wondering if they read the story ar all. Most useful comments to me are when people have questions or relate well to my writing.
2. Feedback out. Similarly, how would you rate the quality of the comments and feedback you are leaving for other students? Have you found some good strategies that help you give detailed feedback? Are you getting some good ideas for your own writing as you analyze other people's writing? I have taken many approaches that I've stolen from other blogs and past blogs and I've let those people know. It's great to see what others are doing in comparison.
3. Blog comments. Do you have a sense of getting to know people by connecting with them at their blogs? Are you happy w…

Week 8 Reading and Writing

Overall, how well are the reading and writing assignments working for you? I believe they are going well so far. I will say I am sooo happy I decided to do a storybook instead of a portfolio. It is so much more fun and creative definitely the highlight of the semester.
Are you happy with your blog? With your project website? My blog is decent but my real joy is my website and storybook. I find it so liberating than your normal writing composition classes. It's nice to let creative juices flow and a whole lot more fun.
Are you satisfied with how the writing is going for your project? How about your story posts? I was very pleased with my introduction but I think I am going to do a hard edit on my Suraasa story, it just doesn't sit perfectly right with me yet. But I know in the end it will all flow as it should.
What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment(s) in your writing for this class? I'd say the biggest accomplishment so far has been getting better at grammar an…

Week 7 Story:Strained Lineage and the House Fire

Long ago Prince Vichitravirya fell for a beautiful woman named Ambika but atlas her heart belonged to another. He'd watch her and tell her that someday he'd be king and all the world shall be hers should she request it. Nervous and frightened she did not want to displease the soon-to-be king so she neither confirmed nor denied his advances towards her. What Vichitravirya didn't know is that she was in love with a man named Vyasa. As she became betrothed to Vichitravirya she wept. One night Ambika sought out Vyasa and the two consummated their love for one another never to see each other again. Ambika was soon pregnant and worried so she made a request of her husband-to-be that before they wed she wished to take a pilgrimage to fast and pray, taking only her lady's in waiting. Vichitravirya accepted her proposal and she left. Over the course of her pilgrimage she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Pandu, she quickly gave him up to a local Yadava chief named Shurasen…