Topic Research: Hanuman and the Demonesses

I decided to expand on my initial idea of Surasa when I learned she was one of three demonesses Hanuman had to overcome on his way to Lanka to save Sita. It worked well because I needed three stories and there are three of them.

As we know his encounter with Surasa is an epic one. She tests his might and his wit. Apparently, the gods and sages asked Surasa to test him and the reasons vary from text to text. One says it is to prove he is worthy of a task such as saving Sita, another says the gods do not trust him and want to test his strength and mind and another even says the gods just want to hone Hanuman's abilities even further thus making him stronger. Regardless the test is epic and in the end, Hanuman outwits Surasa she then returns to human form and blesses him.

While flying across the ocean Hanuman is caught y the tail end of his shadow by the demoness Smihika. She attempted to swallow and eat him instead Hanuman shrank in size and entered Simhika's mouth and then tore her apart from the inside out. Seeing his victory the gods decided to bless Hanuman.

Lastly, we have Lankiki, who meets Hanuman at the gate of Lanka. He lies to her about his reason for being there so she attacks him. Not wishing to do her harm he lightly fights back enough to scuff her up to where she bleeds. From this, she realizes who he is and the prophecy he is fulfilling and asks for his mercy and forgiveness. He does so and she is freed of the curse.

(Hanuman's encounter with Surasa, Simhika, and Lankini on his way to Lanka to save Sita)


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