Reading Notes: Ramayana Part D

Hanuman and the Mountain

By far one of my favorite stories in the Ramayana this one is easily top 3. The story begins with Indrajit praying to the Fire-God who blesses him with a Brahman weapon which he then uses to commit a massacre. Thousands of bears and monkeys lie dead thanks to Indrajit when Hanuman arrives. Jambavan, the bear king, sees Hanuman and his sorrow is momentarily lifted. He asks for Hanuman's help telling him he is the only one who can save those fallen. He tells Hanuman he must travel to Himalaya the mountain king and return with healing herbs from the top of the mountain only then will those who've been slain be saved. Hanuman travels to the Himalayas to search for the herbs. Unfortunately, he cannot find them and so his next best solution to take the whole mountain cause why not? His return to Lanka is an embraced one as all those who had fallen begin to wake up as if from a deep slumber. 

Audio Laura Gibbs: PDE Ramayana Hanuman and the Mountain


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