Reading Notes: Ramayana Part C

My hero Hanuman 

Hanuman is the man per usual and is saving Sita. At first, she thinks it might be one of Ravana's tricks but it is indeed Hanuman. The piece turns into a beautiful poem. Hanuman declaring he's come to rescue her on Rama's behalf. Then Sita goes into a flurry of powerful statements of Rama her love. I'm a sucker for a good poem and this was so beautiful. Hanuman may be Sita's hero but he's also mine.

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Hanuman Captured
Hanuman finds Sita and rescues her but is still furious that someone dares touch his mistress. He goes about destroying the dwelling when Ravana finds out. Ravana sends Jambumali to kill Hanuman but is not successful, he merely wounds Hanuman who then crushes him. Prince Aksha and his rakshasas also attempted to stop Hanuman and met their deaths swiftly. Next up in the ring was the deadly Indrajit. Indrajit tried and tried but missed every shot, knowing he couldn't kill the monkey he decided to ensnare him, he shot a  Brahma shaft at Hanuman who fell captured. The silly rakshasas grabbed him and bound him a second time not knowing that the Brahma would be broken if bounded over by another. This story illustrates Hanuman's strength and cunning

Audio Laura Gibbs. PDE: Sita's hero

Audio Laura Gibbs. PDE: Hanuman's Capture


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