Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part C

Yudhishthira is in the forest and a brahmin tells him to pray to the Sun God. A copper pot is given to him and his family remains in the forest fasting and praising for 12 years. Krishna visits and promises to Draupadi that she will be queen again, but she is still upset and complains to Yudhishthira. A holy man visits saying Ajuna will be undefeatable if he goes into the mountain and receives the blessing of the great god, so he goes and fasts and lives on air. Arjuna begins to fight a mountain king who turns out to be the Great God. He was blessed and given gandiva a divine bow. The other Gods showed up and blessed Arjuna with even more gifts.Arjuna goes to the celestial city The Pandavas went to the Himalayas where they were reuinted by Ajuna. Bhima meets his half brother Hanuman. Hanuman explains to him how the four castes work and how things were before.

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