Feedback Strategies

Process Praise:
Carol Dweck yet again shines some light on some very useful information. In keeping with how to make a growth mindset a habit, she studied process praise vs people praise. It's fascinating how when praising effort it reinforces the growth mindset and a knack for killing laziness. Reinforcing the person: "you're so good at _____" keeps them fixed that they cannot try new things or be good at other things because we are praising talent. On the flip side reinforcing process: "you've worked really hard and it shows" teaches one that they can accomplish anything with enough work. It reminds of when Tim Notke said: "work beats talent when talent doesn't work". I love this article's stance.

I truly do resonate with Carol Dweck and her growth mindset approach to life and understanding of how to set kids up for success. She explains in five qualities how to best give feedback with young readers. What I loved most about this article is when she explained that as we help students we must take ourselves out of the equation. It's not: "I think you should..." it's "When reading you should...". This is something so small but so monumental, it takes the focus off the person giving feedback and maintains it on the young reader. I love this because it is about them and not about the one who is helping. I tip my hat off to you Carol Dweck.


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