Where blue skies meet teal waters... my favorite place.

(There's no misnomer here: Clearwater Beach FL.)

 My family lives in Land O' Lakes Florida and one of my favorite beaches is Clearwater Beach. Clearwater is not just a place for you and me to enjoy, local animals: birds, fish, and turtles also call these beautiful teal waters home.

The sand is so white that it reflects most light from the sun making it cool enough to enjoy walking on and laying in. Relaxing on a beach like this is more than doable.
(Clearwater beach sand dunes)https://www.google.com/clearwaterbeach

Next time you're in Clearwater look out for me and if you have trouble spotting me here is a picture of me so you know what to look for... 

(Pineapple Clearwater Beach sand) https://www.google.com/clearwaterbeach


  1. Oh, what a great Florida connection to have, David! As you can guess, there are lots of beautiful beaches in India too, and one of the most famous regions on the coast, Kerala, has a great legend about how the hero Parashurama pulled the land from the sea there: Kerala Mythology.
    Quick note about image links: instead of linking to Google search results, it's better to link to the actual webpage where an image appears. You can type some text that describes the webpage, highlight, then click the link icon which will prompt you to paste in the URL. That way instead of the whole http, they just see the text you have typed as the link; for example: Crane picture from Maxpixel ... you can try that way of doing links in your next blog post and see how it works.


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