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PDE Hanuman and the Mountain
Hanuman is an easy first choice for me. From day one when Hanuman and I met in a rap video about him on Laura's blog, I've been hooked. He's witty and kind, very loyal and always does what's right. He's the man to beat but no one ever can. I've already written a retelling of Hanuman and the mountain and done some research soI am already enjoying him and his narratives.

Next on my list would be Surasa and she's mostly on here because of her epic fight with Hanuman. She comes initially on his quest to save Sita and test his strength, physical and mental. Apparently, this test is defined by her trying to eat him... It's a funny tale with hidden meanings and reasons for it all. I think doing a little background research on Surasa would also help make more sense of it.

I've also looked into Suvannamaccha because she also relates to Hanuman in her own fun way. She is a mermaid princess who attempts to stop one of Hanuman's great quests and ends up falling in love with him (same Suvannamaccha, same) instead. As you can tell I might have a Hanuman theme going on here. She's such an interesting character and also is the mother of his son. I wonder if the son is half mermaid half monkey?

Macchanu was another interesting character that I stumbled upon after asking what he looks like. He is the son of Hanuman and Suvannamaccha. In every story where they meet for the first time, there is an epic battle that comes to a draw where they find out who each other is and then embrace. I think it's funny that they stopped their fight mid-air and then hugged.

Hanuman and Macchanu epic battle


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