Reading Notes: Part A and B

Hanuman's Matron: Sita
PDE Sita

The meeting between Rama and Sita is by far my favorite in part A of the Ramayana. It is so poetic and so beautiful their encounter. She is walking in the garden and see's him and is astonished. He only hears the jingle of bells at her ankles and the sound is music to his ears and instantly he knows she's the one. He looks up and his eyes confirm what his ears already know to be true. By far my favorite lines out of the entire piece:

'At that instant, Rama heard the jingle of the bangles on the lady Sita's feet, and he said, "I know of a surety that there comes hither a lady whom I shall love beyond all things else in the world." Lifting his eyes he saw Sita, the king's daughter, and they loved each other then and forever.'

Sita then goes to pray to the goddess Bhavani who reaffirms the strong pulls of her heart. Rama then mentions Sita's beauty higher than the queen of night. It's an absolutely beautiful and poetic meeting between the two.
Hanuman meets Sita for the first time
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Ravana and Sita's encounter
Ravana and Sita
I also very much enjoyed the encounter between these two. It starts out with Ravana mentioning Sita's beauty similar to that of Rama saying she is more beautiful than the moonlighting the forest at night. Sita is sad from Rama's exile, and Ravana tells her to wait awhile he then proclaims his love for Sita. He tells her he is a king and wishes to make her queen over all his domain. She is infuriated and reminds him of Rama, he who's soul is intertwined with hers. She repeats Rama's accolades while repeating that she is his wedded wife. He then combats her comments of Rama with his own victories and abilities. He then transformed into a demon grabs Sita and flies off into the night.

Ravana and Sita in the forest


Audio Laura Gibbs. PDE Ramayana: Sita. PDE SITA LINK

Audio Laura Gibbs. PDE Ramayana: Ravana and Sita. PDE RAVANA AND SITA LINK


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